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    National Traditional Operetta festival 2019


    May 6

    The National Traditional Operetta or Chèo 2019 takes from Sept. 14th to 28th with the participation of 16 professional artistic troupes across the country. In which, Haiphong Chèo troupe will perform the play “Spirit of Bach Dang River”.

    Basing on scenario “Resounding of Bach Dang river”, the play “Spirit of Bach Dang river” reminds the naval battles a thousand years ago, depicts historical characters and summarizes the whole process of fighting against Mongol invaders of Vietnamese people. This is the largest-scale play of Haiphong Chèo Troupe drawing with more than 100 actors and actresses.

    Being held every 3 years, the National Traditional Operetta has been innovated with different themes, encouraged people to response to campaign “Study and follow the moral example of president Ho Chi Minh” and resolutions on building the Party and Vietnam cultural to meet the country’s sustainable development requirements

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