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    Maintaining traditional cultural beauty in new rural area development


    May 6

    In the cause of developing new countryside, many rural areas have managed to preserve traditional cultural beauties. Dong Loi cultural village in Thang Thuy commune, Vinh Bao district, Haiphong is a such typical place.


    Dong Loi cultural village in Thang Thuy commune impresses visitors by its peaceful farming land, stretching green fields and long asphalted roads. Colorful flower roads enhance the beauty of this countryside. Although the land is not favored by the nature, with their hard work, local residents have turned the village into a rich countryside. In holidays and festivals, children of the village from all over the country come back to their homeland to take part in special activities, gratitude returning work and movements for the poor.

    With their spirit of solidarity, farmers, who are in the whole year busy with farm work, have changed their thinking, been creative in work, together preserved traditional cultural beauty, joint hand to build and develop their homeland

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