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    Water procession ritual – a special feature of Do Son Buffalo fighting festival


    May 6

    After 30 years being restored and developed, the Do Son traditional buffalo fighting festival has been perfected, showing the locals’ determination to preserve and uphold folk values. One of the special features of the festival is the water procession ritual that took place in lunar August 7th.

    From early morning, authorities and residents of 7 wards in the district rushed to Diem Tuoc Dai Than Vuong worshipping temple, also known as Nghe Temple to conduct the water procession ritual from the mountain stream. This water source is believed to be sacred and bring the purest of the earth.

    The locals cherish the water and worship it during a year to pray for smooth weather, bumper crop, good health and happiness to everyone, good luck to seafarers, great success and safety for the traditional buffalo fighting festival. People also wish for their buffaloes to be the strongest and win the championship, cos’ they believe this will bring good luck to them.

    The water procession ritual is considered as the main part among rituals of the Do Son buffalo fighting festival. It shows the gratefulness and respect for the Water God and ancestors for exploring and expanding the Tho Son land.

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