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    June 5

    Traveling HA LONG – QUANG NINH:

    Are you passionate about traveling, love to explore the majestic landscapes of Vietnam? Are you looking for an interesting destination with relatives and friends for the upcoming vacation? No need to think much, Ha Long will be a sure destination to meet all the requirements for a perfect travel. To make the journey to discover Ha Long meaningful, safe and convenient, do not forget to refer to the article below and equip yourself with the most complete Halong travel experience.

    Hạ Long đẹp thơ mộng

    Ha Long is beautiful and poetic

    Experience Ha Long Bay tourism
    1. Which time is suitable when traveling to Ha Long

    Ha Long has 4 distinct seasons, coming here not only to experience cool sea water, visitors also enjoy the time to admire the magical beauty from the bays on the cruise. Therefore, you can come to Ha Long at any time of the year.

    From March to May: In the spring, Ha Long still brings a little chill, light sunshine, fresh weather suitable for spring travel. Visitors can combine to visit the spiritual tourist destinations here, pray for peace, pray for good luck as well as bring a sense of tranquility and ease for a new year to come.
    June, July: In the summer, it will be in the rainy season here, tourists also need a plan to avoid disruption to the trip. However, this is a good time for families to organize travel for their children on a long summer vacation.
    From August to September: The ideal time for the journey to discover all the beauty of Ha Long. The weather is mild, sunny, less rainy, you can bathe in the sea and you can visit the resort in the romantic autumn atmosphere here.
    From November to February of the following year: Ha Long in the east but still retain the inherent beauty and charm. It is not possible to swim in the sea but if traveling at this time, do not forget to join the entertainment areas on the mainland or relax after the tiring working days.

    Useful advice, if you do not like crowded, crowded should go to Ha Long from 3-4 months, late August – October. Time of May 5-6-7, tourists to Ha Long extremely crowded All costs will be more expensive, moreover, the service quality is sometimes not guaranteed.

    2. Ha Long tourist means

    To make the best of your trip with relatives and friends, the article will share your experience in selecting transportation to Halong as well as transportation in Ha Long.

    Transportation to Ha Long

    Currently, there are many ways to move to Ha Long to help you choose easier than ever. Tourists to Ha Long usually come from Hanoi, you can choose to ride a motorbike, car, bus, train depending on your personal and financial preferences.

    Ride motobike:

    Motorbike is an interesting choice, especially for those who are passionate about conquering new roads and new lands.You can move along 2 routes from Hanoi to Ha Long as follows:

    From Hanoi, go along Road 5, to Sai Dong junction to Bac Ninh, from Bac Ninh you continue to follow 18. Route 18 will extend through the locations: Pha Lai, Chi Linh, Dong Trieu and Uong Bi and finally Ha Long. The total route is about 155 km, the driving time is about 4 hours.
    The second route for you to choose will be longer, about 160 km. Noi Bai Airport to Bac Ninh, from Bac Ninh you run along Highway 18A will pass the locations: Pha Lai, Sao Do, Dong Trieu, Uong Bi and Ha Long.

    Travel by bus:

    • From Hanoi you can go to Luong Yen bus station, My Dinh bus station (My Dinh bus more). The buses will be separated from 5-15 minutes from Hanoi to Bai Chay bus station (Ha Long). Passenger bus will take about 4 hours. However, if any car takes the new route it will only take about 2 hours to arrive.
      Some reputable passenger cars such as Phuc Xuyen bus, Hoang Long bus, Kumho Viet Thanh, KaLong … You should find the garage phone number and ask in advance the schedule then book a ticket to make sure there is no problem. . The ticket to Ha Long is from 100,000 VND – 200,000 VND depending on the car seat or bed.

    Go by train:

    • For tourists who want to experience the feeling of fun, traveling by HALONG EXPRESS will meet all those needs. This train to Ha Long will depart from Gia Lam station, the ticket price is about 120,000 VND / way / person for Vietnamese tourists, about 350,000 VND / way / person for foreign tourists.
      The train ride lasts 5 hours, you can freely enjoy the amenities on the train such as food, drinks, watching the scenery according to each location that the train passes.
      For travelers who are drunk on cars and cars but do not want to travel by motorbike, the train is an ideal, safe and interesting option.

    Transportation in Ha Long

    Going in the city:

    • You should hire a moving taxi to facilitate your travel. Alternatively, rent a car or motorbike taxi is also an option.

    Go sightseeing the Bay:

    • Want to visit the bays here, make sure visitors need to hire a ship at the port.
      Some ports for hire in Ha Long can refer to: Bai Chay Tourist Port (033,846,592), Service Center of Halong Bay (033,844,631), Ha Long Tourist Wharf (033,847,481) ), Duong Hai Company (033,845,042) …
      Price of sightseeing boat: For paired trains, the price is about VND 100,000 – VND 150,000 / person. If you are traveling in a group or with your family, it is advisable to rent a private boat, the price is about 1,000,000 VND – 1,500,000 VND / boat.
      Seaplane is also an option worth experiencing if tourists are a bit more conditional. Seaplane has 2 seats for pilots, 12 seats for passengers with a viewing height of 150 – 3000 m above sea level.

    3. Attractions in Ha Long

    Favored by nature for so many beautiful landscapes, Ha Long attracts visitors from the moment it starts to set foot in this beautiful land. Let’s explore Vietnamese fascinating destinations, the most favorite tourists when coming to Ha Long!

    The cave system is surprisingly beautiful in Ha Long Bay

    • Sung Sot Cave: One of the largest and most beautiful caves in Ha Long, this is also the place where many rocky islands with unique shapes can be found nowhere else. Deep in the cave, you will be extremely excited when watching the clear lake, throwing each ball of water up the cave wall creating a strange magical space.

    Vẻ đẹp huyền ảo của hang Sửng Sốt

    The magical beauty of Sung Sot cave

    • Trong Cave and Trinh Nu Cave: Only 3 km from Sung Sot cave, extremely convenient when combining to explore the caves on Halong Bay. Coming to Trong cave and Trinh Nu cave, besides beautiful scenery, you will learn more about the story hidden behind these two names.
    • Dau Go cave:Rated as the largest limestone cave in Ha Long, Dau Go cave with wild beauty captivates many tourists. The stone pillars, the small stones, the rich flora and fauna, the light reflected from the stalactites seem to take you to the heavenly scene.

    Hang Đầu Gỗ lung linh

    Sparkling Wood Cave

    Luon Cave: If you want to see stalactites that have undergone millions of years of creation, surely Luon Cave is the ideal choice for your journey to discover Ha Long Bay.
    Thien Canh Son Cave: This place retains almost intact, the wild inherent nature that heaven and earth offers to Ha Long. Arrange travel time so you do not miss any beautiful places on Halong Bay!
    Thien Cung Cave: A place associated with the legend of the Dragon King helping our people fight off foreign invaders. This place with magical beauty has come into the lens of famous photographers.
    Kim Quy cave: Four seasons of transparent water flowing through each stalactite from the ceiling to hang around the cave, Kim Quy cave is beautiful like a colorful, wonderful and fanciful picture.

    The Bay, the beach, the island cannot be missed

    • Bai Tu Long Bay: Including hundreds of large and small islands, in addition to Ha Long Bay, to Ha Long if you have a long time to travel, you should not miss this fascinating place to discover. Bai Tu Long Bay has diverse ecosystems, wide beaches, fantastic caves, national parks containing rich flora and fauna.

    Vịnh Bái Tử Long thơ mộng

    Bai Tu Long Bay is poetic

    • Lan Ha Bay: Attracting tourists with more than 400 large and small islands, the islands here are draped in the green of trees, creating a fresh, peaceful space.
      Tuan Chau Island: Rated as the most beautiful island in Halong Bay, this is also the only island inhabited. The lively pace as well as the beauty of the scenery here will not make you disappointed in this trip to Ha Long.
      Co To Island: This place captivates many tourists because of its poetic, wild and peaceful scenery. The beautiful coral reefs hidden under the cool blue sea make visitors gaze to the stupor. Away from the daily hustle and bustle, come to Co To Island to immerse yourself in the wonderful space that heaven and earth offers, you!

    Cô Tô lãng mạn, thanh bình

    Co To is romantic and peaceful

    • Cat Ba Island: White sand stretches endlessly, limestone ranges towering between the immense waves, Cat Ba Island is always proud of the beauty in its own way. In addition, there are adventure activities such as climbing, limestone cliffs, trekking in the National Park …
      Soi Sim Island: As the name implies, there are many sim trees from small to large sizes. Coming to the island, visitors also enjoy unforgettable relaxation moments on the fresh Soi Sim beach.
      Bai Chay Beach: The artificial beach was renovated on the old foundation of Hoang Gia beach and Thanh Nien beach with a length of up to 900m. Considered to be a holiday paradise for tourists on their summer days, Bai Chay welcomes visitors with the cool blue sea, long white fine sand, fresh air mingled with the scent of salty sea.In addition, mentioning Ha Long, it is impossible not to mention the islands such as Ti Top Island, Quan Lan Island, Dragon Eye Island, Ba Trai Dao Beach …

    Spiritual tourism in Ha Long

    • Ba Vang Pagoda: A great spiritual tourist destination when coming to Ha Long. Enjoy the fresh air, admire the majestic natural scenery from above you will find the mind pure, in a strange peace.
      Cai Bau Pagoda: The scenery is peaceful, somewhere in the wind, the bell of the pagoda is heard, the sound of the sea waves fluttering softly, and nowhere is more peaceful than here.
      Yen Tu relic: With the system of pagodas, temples, towers hidden behind ancient trees, of which Yen Tu Pagoda is the most famous pagoda in the North. Spiritual tourism in Ha Long, you will regret it if you miss this sacred place.

    Some other tourist destinations

    • Ha Long Night Market: You can visit the night market, buy gifts, souvenirs here.
      Bai Tho Mountain: You can climb Bai Tho Mountain to see the city and a corner of Ha Long Bay.
      Cua Van fishing village: If Ha Long Bay is said to be a wonder of nature, Cua Van fishing village is a wonder of fishermen in Ha Long Bay. It has been voted as one of the 16 most beautiful coastal villages in the world with its ancient features and unique culture that has been preserved for a long time.Khu vui chơi giải trí sôi động

    Vibrant entertainment area

    • Tuan Chau tourist area: This is an international-class tourist area with lots of interesting entertainment activities and famous works.
      Sunworld Ha Long Complex Complex: The new world-class amusement park complex has been in operation for about 2 years with many attractive services.

    4. Hotels and motels in Ha Long

    In Ha Long, there will be 2 main areas: Hon Gai and Bai Chay, these 2 areas are connected by Bai Chay bridge. The main tourist area in Ha Long is still Bai Chay with beautiful clean beach planning.

    Hon Gai – the administrative center, so when traveling you should choose in Bai Chay area will be convenient for traveling, eating and playing. In Bai Chay, hotels, motels are many, diverse, concentrated mainly in Vuon Dao neighborhood. Room rates depend on different standards. Of course, during the high season, it will increase more, here you can also enjoy many famous specialties including the number 1 Vietnamese squid dish.

    5. Specialties in Ha Long

    Traveling to Ha Long, do not miss the famous specialties below to feel all the interesting, attractive from nature, cuisine to people here.

    Sa sung: This dish is popular, the most delicious to enjoy in Van Don with dishes such as sautéed sá in need of garlic, sweet and sour sá sá, made of salad with salt or grilled chili … If you have the opportunity to come here, do not give up Through this fascinating dish!
    Bun shrimp: The surface of meat is delicious, nutritious, the noodles are sweet when enjoying. Bun surface surface with a little bit of raw vegetables, along mosquito nets, the taste can conquer the taste of the most fastidious people.
    Ngán:Shaped almost like clams, grilled, boiled, spinach soup, spinach, stir-fried with pumpkin or porridge cooked very delicious. The ducks are also made into bored wine – specialties in Quang Ninh can be bought as gifts for relatives.

    Bún bề bề thơm ngon

    Tasty shrimp noodles

    • Vermicelli and seafood pancake: Food suitable for your breakfast when coming to Ha Long. A full bowl of mud includes shrimp, crab meat, surface, fish cake, vegetables served with vegetables that are both delicious and full of belly.
      Humpback buns: A piece of bread that is almost like a spring roll, adding a piece of braised pork stock, mixed with a little special sauce, this humpy bun can be addictive!
      In addition, there are some specialties in Hai Phong that tourists should try at least once such as: spring rolls with squid rolls, white sticky rice with squid rolls, Tien Yen steamed tomatoes, oysters porridge, fried snails, sam …

    6. Ha Long tourism What to buy as a gift?

    Coming to Ha Long, visitors not only discover the poetic, majestic and beautiful beauty, but also have the opportunity to enjoy countless delicious, unique and unique dishes bought as gifts for relatives and friends. .

    Grilled squid in Ha Long: Made from pure fresh squid with its own secret to spice, Ha Long grilled squid has a very specific flavor of this land. In addition, spring rolls can be preserved for long to take away, when eaten just fried gold can enjoy. The fragrant pieces of crispy fried spring rolls do not know “attracted soul” how many tourists come to Ha Long.
    Squid and peanut worm: Because the sea is less estuary, the sea water is saltier than in other areas of the sea, so not only squid or peanut worms but all other seafood in Ha Long have a stronger flavor.
    Souvenir: As a coastal city, Ha Long’s typical souvenirs are made from shells and shells. The bracelets, wind chimes, shell mosaic pictures … will definitely make the recipient extremely excited.

    7. Things to note when traveling to Ha Long

    • When swimming, you should not go alone but in a group, so bath in crowded places so that you can easily get support if you have problems.
      Before taking a shower, gently start to avoid cramping.
      Always pay attention to the limited flags, avoid swimming too far or going too deep.
      On sunny days or at noon, you should not shower too long.
      Do not wear jewelry when bathing in the sea to avoid waves.
      Children should not be bathed long when the water is cold, let them bathe in the pool or play on the sand.
      Ha Long in the summer like other places in the North is usually quite hot, so when traveling here, sunscreen is indispensable. Also, wear sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat so you don’t have to suffer from the intense sun in this place.
      To be able to walk on the beach or comfortably visit the tourist destinations in Halong Bay, you should also prepare a pair of cardboard or soft-sole sneakers.
      Traveling to the sea, the swimwear definitely cannot be forgotten. So, be prepared right from home to be more proactive. If it is too urgent, you can rent it at the beach with a fairly cheap price of about 50,000 – 100,000 VND depending on the type.
      If you want to capture the beautiful moments on this trip, bring a camera with high definition offline.

    Above is the experience of Ha Long travel article shared to you, what are you waiting for without planning to discover the beauty of this dreamy tourist land today. Wish you have the most memorable experience with your family and dear friends

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